Coastal Communities and Seas Together for Resilience

COAST-R is an inclusive and collaborative community of practice working to build knowledge, action and resilience for UK coastal communities and seas. 

We are a diverse team, including academics, UK marine, coastal and government agencies, industry partners, local authorities, the voluntary sector and communities most affected by coastal change.

Together, we are working to better understand coastal change and enhance the resilient management of UK coastal communities and seas, and the natural capital that sustains them.

We will co-develop our actions and support, working across a number of areas, including:

People, places and participation

Working together to develop best practice and training. Focussing on the use of creative and participatory methods to involve communities and stakeholders in building coastal resilience.

Living with coastal (un)certainties

Exploring levels of uncertainty in coastal data and modelling, including those involving complex risks. Considering how communities live with shifting predictions and changing environments.

Working together for resilience

Developing skills for working across different disciplines. Sharing strategies, toolkits, and guidance to support implementing effective resilience actions.

Coast-R will:

Share learnings and best practice across sectors and disciplines so as to build UK coastal and marine resilience. 

Co-design and host a range of events, specialist training workshops and mentoring opportunities to improve partnership working and nurture the next generation of resilience champions. 

Work in partnership with coastal communities and other partners to identify and respond to priority needs using our Flexible Fund.  

Collate key insights, case studies and resources through our website, policy briefs, foresight documents, conferences and practitioner events. 

Build ongoing practitioner and community-led evaluation and reflection on the activities of the Network+ and funded projects, and thereby shape future learning, legacy and funding opportunities.